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Summer Drop-Off
STEAM Program
 (Ages 3-6)

STEAM education is a teaching approach that combines Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math. The implementation of STEAM in early childhood education is beneficial for your child's language development and ability to learn in groups. Your child will be given opportunities to exercise problem solving, critical thinking & communication skills through inquiry-based learning such as science experiments,

engineering projects, and more! 



Hands-On and inquiry-based learning allow children to discover solutions independently. We discuss the elements of the scientific method and use those elements to conduct experiments. All children's questions are welcome and if the teacher doesn't know the answer, it will be a group effort to figure it out through either research or experiments.



Despite the subject name, there will not be any screen time. In our program, we will introduce mostly non-electronic technologies and inventions that were created by scientific knowledge. Learning about these technologies will teach new vocabulary. 



Using the engineering design process, we will become innovators, creating buildings, bridges, cars, etc. This program is all about trial and error. We work on talking through processes and regulating our emotions when things don't work out the first try. If an invention breaks, we discuss why it didn't work and come up with solutions together. 



Creative thinking skills are just as important as critical thinking ones. Our program covers both language and physical arts with crafts and writing practice. 



Early childhood is a great time to introduce numbers and math concepts such as patterns and sequencing. Counting skills will help us with our inventions and experiments. 

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