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2024 Tuition Rates
Full tuition is to be paid each month regardless of holiday breaks & closures.

How to join our waitlist...

STEP 1: Tour

To schedule a tour with us, please fill out the form below. Following the tour, we will email you the necessary enrollment forms to complete Steps 2-5. 

STEP 2: Application

Please print out and complete our enrollment application. One is needed per child and all fields must be filled out.

STEP 3: Medical Forms

Each child will need a current physical, a TB assessment, and immunization report. 

*Current meaning within the last year.

STEP 5: Submit

Schedule a time to turn in the completed application and medical forms in person to the owner.

Interested in a tour? Tell us about your child!
Is your child fully potty-trained? (No accidents)
Which location?

Mahalo for submitting!

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