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Extra Curricular


At Little Groms, we believe that most of learning during early childhood is through hands-on experiences. In addition to our regular curriculum, we provide extra curricular courses such as yoga, music and movement, gardening, soccer, and baking.

Music & Movement with Uncle Ian

Music intelligence is important ! Singing and dancing helps with spatial awareness, gross-motor refinement, and linguistic skills. When Uncle Ian plays his ukulele, guitars, or drums, he is using his whole brain. When our children listen to his music and dance, they are having the same effect. Along with playing for the children every other week, Uncle Ian will also talk about each instrument and introduce new vocabulary. 


Baking with Auntie Nadia

Cooking and baking can help with basic math concepts and build language skills. Once a month, we will choose a healthy recipe and bake something for morning snack such as a berry crumble or seasonal muffins. We practice prepping our station, measuring ingredients, sequencing, taking turns, and patience. 

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