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Soccer Program

Little Groms Soccer is an engaging, beginner soccer program for ages 3-6 with a focus on early childhood education. Sessions are during the drier seasons (Spring-Fall). Each group consists of 6-10 players and is led by 1 qualified coach. The creation and implementation of the program's hidden curriculum was designed by a preschool teacher to combine outdoor fun with early learning. Each lesson within the session introduces a new soccer skill and fun games. Our coach provides each soccer player with opportunities to practice gross-motor skills, new soccer skills, and teamwork. We highly encourage our soccer players to support their teammates through positive communication because we believe in spreading Aloha both on and off the field. Price includes a Little Groms shirt!


Honu: Ages 3-4

Our Honu are our youngest soccer group consisting of primarily preschool children. We focus on refining listening, multi-step direction-following, and basic soccer skills such as dribbling, trapping, pull-backs, and scoring goals. We alter classic children's games and turn them into soccer drills. These lessons are 30 minutes since this age group has a shorter attention span and we don't want our players to burn out. No special equipment is needed as we understand how fast these little ones grow. 

Mano: Ages 5-6

Our Mano group's lessons will be similar to that of our Honu group with some advancements. Passing drills amongst teammates will be introduced as well as more dynamic soccer drills and friendly scrimmages. Through our drills and lessons, your child will be able to acknowledge their mistakes and how to learn from them. They will also understand the importance of practice! Lessons are 45 minutes. Shinguards are optional but not required.

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